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  About company :  About company
Company "FRIEND" ltd – the leading information technologies company of Ufa and Republic Bashkortostan. A member of Chamber of commerce and industry of Republic Bashkortostan since 2005.
Field of activity: Automation of business processes, software engineering of any level of complexity, web-sites developing, web-design, sale and introduction of own software for automation of business processes (the software for travel agencies, tour operators, travel agencies, beauty salons, SPA-centres etc.) Consulting service in information technologies, in project management technologies.
The software products developed by the company are aimed at satisfying the needs of small and medium businesses, such as: tour operators, tourist agencies, air ticket offices, beauty salons, fitness centers and private clinics.
We offer:
* Software «Leader Salon». Automation of beauty salons, SPA-salons, private clinics.
* Software «Leader TourOperator». Automation of tour operators.
* Software «Leader Tour». Automation of of tourist agencies.
* Software complex "Leader-ticket" for automation of travel agencies and booking offices.
* Software developing of any level of complexity.
* Web-sites developing.
* Advertising campaigns in the Internet. Internet marketing services.
* Consulting service and technical support.
Our principles: reliability, honesty, focusing on result.
By us it is automated more than 170 enterprises of the Russian Federation.
We are opened to cooperation and aimed at mutually advantageous relations!
Rambler's Top100 Компания "ФРЭНД" Автоматизация турагентства. Программы для турагентств. Программы для туроператоров. Автоматизация салона красоты. Создание сайтов. Разработка сайтов. Оптимизация сайтов. ООО "ФРЭНД" 450071, г. Уфа, ул. Лесной проезд, 8/3, тел. (347) 294-07-24
ICQ 278705506  e-mail