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  Our offers :  Travel agancy automation

"FRIEND" company - the leading IT company of Russia offers you system of automation of work of travel agency software product "Leader-Tour".  

 The main system task "Leader-Tour" - to  rise up managerial processes at the expense of use of the advanced information technology in business processes and at work with documents, perfection of system of communications with clients.

The basic our competitive advantage - we offer not only the program, and all technology of business dealing. We lead all complex of works from the preproject analysis, consultation under the most effective schemes of work, sale of the program, training of users and till the further information and technical support. It allows to achieve maximal efficiency and success of work of our clients. 

Already more than 150 travel agencies are our clients in Russia and in the CIS. 


Program complex "Leader-Tour".


Tourist business occupies the important niche in sphere of services. However, in a century of an information technologies new forms of business management are necessary.


The program complex of automation of work of travel agencies "LEADER-TOUR" developed by us will essentially simplify work of your enterprise. 


Advantages of use of a software "LEADER-TOUR":


Software "Leader Tour" is a multifunctional complex. It simultaneously systematises, and analyzes and even allows to carry out the control of the received information. And today for many firms it is the same important resource, as monetary or material resources.

Besides, "LEADER-TOUR" saves large quantity of time and nowadays it is the important factor of successful development of business.


1.    The program is very convenient for conducting office-work of tourist agencies: formation of a tourist package, calculation of its cost price and discounts and many other things. Once, entering the necessary data, it is possible to print out all set of documents: the contract, sheet of booking, the account etc.

2.    The statistics account: an advertising efficiency, efficiency of discounts, the analysis of segments of the market. The program is supplied by universal system of reports.  

3.    Besides, the system automatically carries out the analysis of individual work of each employee of travel agency. The program guarantees to you an objective estimation of activity of employees of firm.

4.     The systematised information gives the chance to each manager to be competent in any question, and the new employee always can quickly enter into work.

5.     Creation of a uniform database on clients.

6.     Besides, the information on clients can be used with a view of marketing: the postcard received on birthday or any other holiday, will be considered by nobody as advertising.


Developing system of loyalty of clients, you get a considerable trump for development of your business. And as a denominator of all above told – a high degree of service of clients that is especially important in the conditions of an increasing competition on the market.


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