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  Our offers :  Beauty salon automation


     The program complex "Leader-Salon" is intended for the work automation of beauty salons, hairdressing salons and fitness-centers.

     The main purpose of our software is to improve and raise management processes to a new qualitative level due to the use of information technologies in business communication and paper work.

     The "LEADER-SALON"  program advantages are:

     The program is multi - functional. Its opportunities include the constant control, systematization and the analysis of the received data. The systematized information  allows a company to organize the activity at higher level, each employee to be competent of any question, and a new manager to adapt for the new work more quickly. The expanded system of reports helps a company management to supervise and understand the business.

     The significant amount of time is saved owing to the automation of the basic kinds of activity. For example, instead of the thick copybooks in which it is difficult enough to find the information, this program allows to see the work schedule of all employees for few seconds and to write down a customer to any of them, for the certain day and time. Or once entered necessary data, it is possible to print and give a customer all set of documents: the contract, the account on payment, a card of services, etc.

     It is possible to check up the condition of a warehouse by generating reports on the accepted, transferred or written off goods at any time .

     All these advantages allow to use account materials more rationally. Various schemes of calculation of personnel wages are incorporated in the program, thus it is possible to apply the individual scheme of calculation of compensation to each employee.

     The program allows to achieve the precise internal organization of the activity of a company.

     The software product represents itself as CRM-system. Positive mutual relations with customers are especially important for the sphere of customer service. A uniform database of clients is a convenient material for marketing: nobody will consider a card received at a birthday or any other holiday as persuasive advertising.


 The program provides the flexible system of personal discounts, an opportunity of work on credit.


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